Remarks on the Senate Floor.

In Colorado, we’ve come out of one of the worst wildfire seasons we’ve ever seen. In fact, you can’t really call it a season, I think, when the fires are still going on when the snow falls. But that’s what happened this year, incredibly. Three of the largest fires in our history all happened in the same year.

And, these fires displaced thousands of people in my state. They obscured the views of the mountains for weeks at a time. They forced families to pack their entire lives into duffel bags while their homes went up in flames. …

Statement for the Congressional Record on the Second Impeachment Trial of Former President Donald Trump

For the second time in over a year, events compelled the Senate to hold an impeachment trial for President Donald Trump. By once more acquitting the President despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, the Senate has again abdicated its responsibility to the American people and our democratic republic.

The Founders fashioned our constitutional system to at once defy history and reflect its enduring lessons. They understood that since the first human societies, rule of the strong had prevailed across ages of warlords, monarchs, emperors, and tyrants. …

Remarks on the Senate Floor

Thank you, Mr. Vice President. Thank you, Mr. President. Colleagues, it’s been a terrible day for everybody here and for our country. One of the things I was thinking about today is something I often think about when I’m on this floor, which is, that the Founders of this country, the people that wrote our Constitution, actually knew our history better than we know our history.

And I was thinking about that history today as we saw the mob riot in Washington, D.C., thinking about what the Founders were thinking about when they wrote our Constitution, which was, what…

Remarks on the Senate Floor

Before I begin my remarks about the nomination, I want to acknowledge that tonight, as we’re here, there are fires in many places across the state of Colorado. There are people that are out of their homes, out of their communities, that have had to evacuate their towns, and there are first responders on the ground in Colorado who are fighting these fires bravely every single day. They have been stretched all summer through a fire season that’s lasted into the fall because of our inability to deal with our forests and because of climate change.

And my hope…

Remarks on the Senate Floor

Last night I had a chance to speak about the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, someone who, as much as anyone in our history, advanced the cause of equality between men and women.

When President Clinton named her to the Supreme Court, she had already transformed American law through her trailblazing work as a professor and litigator. It’s why her nomination sailed through this body with 96 votes — a reminder of a time, not so very long ago, when the Senate understood its constitutional duty to advise and consent. …

Remarks in City Park on Racial Justice in Our Country

Thank you all for being here. Thank you to my friend Alvertis Simmons for bringing us all together for this commemoration of a moment in history that’s so important to our country. Thank you, Alvertis, for including me today.

One of the reasons we’re here today — one of the reasons we say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain, and the other names spoken in moments like this — is because you know and I know that what happened to them would never have happened to me. …

It’s been one week since the world watched Minneapolis police kill George Floyd. You cannot watch the video without feeling sick, without remembering Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, and the countless other Americans who have lost their lives in this country because they were black.

When I worked for the City and County of Denver, one of the first tragedies we confronted was the unjustified shooting of a black teenager named Paul Childs by law enforcement in Park Hill.

That was almost 20 years ago. Nothing has changed.

What happened to George Floyd would never…

I am a 64-year black man living in Aurora, Colorado. I moved to Colorado in 2008. I was divorced and my sons were away at college. I wanted a change. I graduated from high school in 1973. I worked miscellaneous jobs but was not making enough money to support myself. I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I decided that I would join the Marine Corps and treat my time there like college. I would get paid to learn instead of paying to learn. This turned out to be a great idea. I joined…

The two events that made us go into high alert were the Iran Hostage Crisis and the bombing of the Marines in Beirut, Lebanon. I was in Baumholder, Germany, with the 8th Infantry Division when the hostages were taken, and we were ready to just drive to Iran to get our people back. While looking back I know that was the wrong answer, but I have never been good at waiting around. …

After basic training at MCRD, San Diego, CA, I spent my service time at Camp McGill, Reconnaissance Co, Yokosuka, Japan, First Marine Div. South Korea, 1st Service Regiment, and 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, CA. After my honorable discharge, I attended Pueblo College. My tuition was paid through the veterans GI Bill and I received an Associate Degree. I was hired by the Pueblo Army Depot in Pueblo, CO. My last job held was Supervisor of Quality Control and I received a certificate for 35 years of Federal Service.

Francisco D. lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War

Senator Michael Bennet

U.S. Senator for Colorado

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