Remarks on the Senate floor.

Thank you, Mr. President.

And I want to thank my colleague from Ohio, Senator Brown, for his remarkable leadership getting us to this point with the Child Tax Credit, and with the Earned Income Tax Credit for childless families, which thanks to his leadership, we’ve been able to triple.

But I think we’re here today on a really, really momentous matter. And when I think back, Mr. President, to the days I was a superintendent of schools in Denver, most of the kids in my city were kids of color, most were living in…

“In August, I was able to turn my phone back on just in time to include it on my children’s school registration forms. I will use this month’s check to buy school supplies for my kids rather than having to choose between school supplies and store-bought food. I really appreciate the local food banks, they are such a necessity for so many working families and families like mine who live on a fixed income from my VA disability pay.”

“We have always felt that our daughter’s future is bright. With the added help of Child Tax Credit monthly payments, we're able to make the investments in her educational development that will put her on the path to realizing that future.”

“As a single parent, the child tax credit has helped me cover our rent. It has also benefited my three girls who participate in sports and other activities.”

“I am a single mom, with three kids, and getting my own tax dollars back through the child tax credit, dollars I earned from working, allows me to meet the needs of my family and save a small amount for emergencies while moving closer to the day I can move beyond government support services and make the choices that are right for my family.”

“We are in a one-income home and there have been a lot of unforeseen expenses coming up lately. So far, we’ve used the child tax credit to upgrade my 6-year-old phone that died, offset current daycare costs for my 2.5-year-old, and pay for my dog’s visit to the vet for his inflamed skin during this terribly hot summer. We plan to use the next three tax credit payments to help cover daycare costs.

We thank Senator Bennet for improving the CTC. Paying for our daughter’s education right now is outside of our budget, but we know it is worth it for her to learn alongside her peers and grow into a strong individual. I hope Senator Bennet will continue to support families and help fix the education system we have right now.”

“The expanded Child Tax Credit is helping parents meet the needs of Colorado families and kids. It’s helping our family cover the cost of soccer gear and before and after school care for our three kids. I’m profoundly grateful to Senator Bennet and to the organizations that work to ensure that parents can offer the best to their children, every day.”

“Working families have faced countless challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank Senator Bennet for his efforts to extend the expansion of the Child Tax Credit that will cut childhood poverty nearly in half this year. We must continue to work together to find ways to support American families and address childhood poverty in the U.S.”

(Photo Credit: Denver Post)

“Our research shows the costs associated with raising children are now one of the biggest barriers for upward economic mobility. There is a lot more to be done, but Senator Bennet’s successful push for an expanded Child Tax Credit in the Biden American Rescue Plan is a great step forward as we work toward a larger, less exclusive middle class in Colorado and across the country.”

“The Colorado Children’s Campaign believes the Child Tax Credit has been and continues to be one of the most vital tools we have to ensure Colorado families are financially secure. The pandemic has continued to force many families into poverty. Expanding the Child Tax Credit is a proven solution to a problem that impacts all Coloradans. Ensuring the Child Tax Credit is fully refundable guarantees that the lowest-income families get critical support, which could mark a historic achievement of cutting child poverty in half. We thank Senator Bennet for his efforts to support Colorado’s most vulnerable kids.”

Senator Michael Bennet

U.S. Senator for Colorado

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